No Title

I have a new blog without a proper post and lacking a title. In my world, this is nothing new. Today, is the day that was focused on the deleting all my former work. Yes, all.

While I was recognized by a few of the blog gods for my wit and candor in several pieces, it had to go. My darker past, which happened, sucked, and all survived, has left the blogger circles. In my eyes the words had to be trashed. The deleted forever button, by the way, is a hard button to press. No regret. Entering the decade with a renewed writing focus that hopefully will inspire teachers and parents and maybe earn a buck or two in the process. This blog brings our crazy educational system to light showing the good, the bad and the truly ugly. We do not live in one category. Education is messy. 

My newest creation Following The Child takes you through my days with a look into the society of today with tongue in cheek tone. The objective of my work is to give you glimpse inside day in the life of a world where I try balance 90 students a day along with the other demands of the profession.

Teaching was not my initial calling, it was broadcasting. My voice and looks were never quite right unless you lived in Silver City New Mexico. That is another story. So due to my deep love of fashion and spending other peoples money (and my own need for money) I landed at a high-end department store in management, where I promptly bought most of the store. Exit stage right and into a masters program that would lead me to where I am today. A broke teacher, who still loves to shop, and has great stories. So stories I will tell. Finally.

These are my stories and thoughts about the current state of education. All formed within the walls of my classroom. The districts, campuses, or the students will never be named. My blog is a collection of human interactions that I have lived through and thoughts about the constant change of education. My initial blog title was The Adventures of a Relatively Sane Teacher, but my love for pedagogy won, and I decided on Following the Child, as a Maria Montessori fan and trained teacher, I felt it better served my classroom and the community I build yearly.


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