Here a blog, there a blog…

From the world of the writer of Life With Eyes Wide Open and Complicated Diva. Now taking a step away from the world of my past, into the life and times of my today, my yesterday and my future.

The newest creation Follow The Child takes you through my days with a look into the society of today with tongue in cheek tone that allows you to see a day in the life of my world of over  100 students a day with a spin of fun that only my mind can bring.

Looking forward to publishing my fist ebook, using my past blogs as a part of my life and times of parenting an addict and looking forward to using this site to beg for your money.  Who knows I might just bring some sanity to someones insane world if times are darker in your lives.

I promise there is always a silver lining, I just cannot promise where or how you will find it.

Now on with the introductory show…

The Relatively Sane Adventures of a Teacher

Teaching was not my initial calling it was broadcasting, but my voice was too high or too low and never just right. My face ok, but not beauty queen enough more like the girl next door or Sixteen Candles. My famous twin during my younger years. . Sixteen Candles

So after a brief stint at a high-end department store in management, where I promptly bought most of the store…I found the merry-go-round world of education

For the past 18 years on a variety of campuses and districts these are my stories that have happened within the walls of my classroom. Neither the campus or the students will never be named, as my blog is a collection of human interactions that I have lived through with a smile or a shake of the head with the youth of today and the adults of tomorrow that all can filed under relatively sane after all these years.

How Not to Answer a Phone
Just an average day leaping over backpacks and too many desks to get to a chair that brings a sense of sanity in what is an insane environment that combines an office like experience with numerous desks, backpacks and feet, large feet everywhere. Rarely do I sit in this adult chair, but thought just this once, I would answer the phone like an adult…as you can see, that went well and of course this was during class, of course. Laughter came next. Intense with a bit of embarrassment but just another average day.

More to come..

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