Middle-School Mindset

After a day of phone conversations guiding parents and kids. I took heart in the fact that thet are putting safety first. While I was chatting with my parents they always asked how my family was doing over and above the school conversations…that was nice. The lessons I will be sharing on this blog going forward will be for the 7th-9th grade band of students. Yes, the horrible years, when there is not a kid in this world who wants his parents to tell them what to do or worse yet be taught by them. These are my favorite years and my day job is teaching 8th grade writing and history.

Today the lesson focus is on reading informational text and answering questions in the RACES format. Below are quick notes on the format and transistions. I will also provide a link to the NY Times article for today for so you can begin your learning adventures.

RACES format and a list of Transistions!

The article below has one essential question what is the stimulus package providing for Americans?


Have your son/daughter read, highlight and annotate the article. Then answer the above question in the RACES format, which will give every teacher their prized possession, a complete answer that includes a citation, to strengthen their work. They can use this format at any age or stage and throughout the highschool years for at least a starting off point.

Take the idea of responding with RACES and run with this throughout week by using any of the below resources that are packed with thousands of articles, videos, questions, and essay prompts.




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