No one has a formulated understanding of what the next school year will bring. Personally, I keep replaying the commercial where the father is gliding down the aisles tossing with abandon anything that remotely could be used for school. The kids in this scenario have their heads down and follow in either embarrassment or the dread of school. While kids want to return come fall, they will not be rushing our doors as they have had an extended holiday of sorts without their friends, which is the only reason they are coming back. Friends. OK, there are some out their that missed the inner teachings of school and what we offer in the classrooms but they are coming back for social well-being with a significant lag in skills. I already see it in the virtual world, and I have accepted it, and adjusting my curricula to a slower level until I can get them revved up. I am not worried about the task at hand or curriculum or tests, I am worried about them.

To be honest, I do not hear from all my kiddos through their attempts at work. I input, it sits in a variety of classroom files and platforms, and they are making their decisions to either take a break, parents choosing to tackle their own homeschooling curricula, or challenge their parents to the extreme with the daily school battle. I believe for many it is the latter. I am sorry.

In these quiet times of transition to the new world of education, my Following the Child methodology, has never been handier. This week alone I switched platforms to lend creativity for students who are craving a bit of change. I received more attempts at work in one day, than in a week. That said the platform, KidBlog, only works for writing teachers but for the next month we will explore a variety of prompts instead of demanding essay, after essay. My initial ideas fell flat, and change was needed. For those teaching at school or home I suggest it.

Go to: http://www.kidblog.com

My desire for a small change was not just for the sake of curriculum, keeping busy, and guiding a schedule for their days at home. It is not for the exercise of the mind before the dawning of a new age and stage enters our classrooms, it was for my heart and my own selfish need. I need to hear from my kids and know they are OK. Their lives are at times tenuous and a far cry from white picket fence safety. Just knowing they are safe is enough for me in a world turned upside down, inside out and with no starting date in sight.

For now the thirty or so that actively turn-in work will have to be my hearts reality to enjoy the knowledge that they and their family is safe. My real worry is the fall, the sanitized life we will have to lead, the crowded classrooms, and the levels both behaviorally and academically students will come into rooms bearing. The difference will be drastic as it varies from state to state but welcome as we will be open. I fear not as quickly as we would like, but open.

Parents you are our true heroes and I know you are dying to glide giddily down the school aisles. But once the purchases are over the goodbyes are said, please don’t run away. We need you more than ever as our tasks during 2020-2021 are daunting.

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