Let’s Celebrate

As a writer we celebrate the small moments. Making it through the night without a toss and turn of a story or a stream of words floating through my mind is a celebration. Whereas, so is the tossing and turning with creative thoughts that give me a hopeful creation. These thoughts are the lifeblood of my existence that not all of us are lucky enough to have in the middle of any normal evening. Most of you are consumed and kept awake with the traditional stressors, not me. I can sleep through anything. I just am not a sleep worrier unless it is a possible topic for a blog that I lost or worse yet hits the screen and with the obvious direction of failure. It is exhausting being me. Just exhausting.

In recent years under former blog directions my view count was higher, becoming recognized by the blog geeks and brought me to writing my first book. I wrote it and I deleted it. Yes, how many can say that. It lives in a fluffy cloud far away from human contact or my ever reading my first attempt again. I am not sad. It was my choice. It is actually my celebration to have lived the journey.

My blogs have never hit my sweet spot. I have had focuses all over the place all parts of my life and enjoyed the ride but not one that I owned with my heart and soul that sits directly in front of me and longs to be shared. My story, my life, my journey. All of which have been checkered with a decent measure of all the qualities of any life well lived. So while, my education focus may take a bit of a snooze, and I will give up on writing on the (well never say never) the qualities of drugstore mascara. The rest should be of interest. The rest is real. That is the making of a quality blog.

But for today I celebrate for I have earned a whopping amount of .43 cents for my words. To a writer this is gold and a direction that I hope is on upward trajectory.


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