Packing For The Adventure

Tomorrow we place our bags in strategic order and we start the journey. Now, thus is not my first rodeo for packing but this car thing is on a new level of insanity. First, you need to pack all of your clothes, yes all. As the weather and activities vary from stop to stop. After, throwing everything into a huge duffel you need a second bag for hotel stops. So basically only clothes I wear to work are left in my closet, and now since I can see them, fall shopping is a must. I digress.

Next up is the cooler because food is not available across the USA. I guess. Frankly, it is just a manly thing so we are prepared with, umm water. Yup. This is coupled with every tool we own, just in case. Of what I do not know because we says prayers doing long-term charging of our small grey car battery. So yeah, we just call a tow truck. But everything is packed.

Then the cabin ( yup truck-life) it is an Arizona 50 year old man thing. It will pass. Oh it will. This must be arranged so everything needed can be easily ordered or reached for while one hand is firmly on the wheel and the other is only seconds away from safety.

While the hubs packs I am just hanging out downloading, books, games, Netflix, etc. as all my crap is packed and ready to go and I was already told he will not play the license plate game. Almost, a deal breaker for me. Truly. The hubs likes that last minute rush Not me. Nope. So I ignore his insanity and he ignores mine and it works. Tomorrow, we will be on the road with more than any family of five needs…that’s how we roll, I guess.

Off we go! #thetravellinglivingstons

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