The Back Industry Money = Hope

It’s true. My HSA card now is my best friend. You gotta watch the labels but many of the treatments such as back stimulator and heating pads, herbal meds, etc. are cleared. Yup. Cha ching, cha ching. No, magic. But clarity and peace as I heal.

So far stim is my savior. One is on batteries, the other by a phone app, and the third is charging. Readying for a two day trip takes an extra bag and five extra cords. But ok. It’s short- term and life does not stop when healing. So, if you have an HSA get a stim machine. I like the mobile. You do you.

Another HSA fluttering of cash is the Chiro, which is a scene and a half. At least for me. Moving tables, dropping magic slots, that move before the big adjustment happens, and a quick stop at the payment counter. In and out within fifteen minutes. But possibly working. A little soon to tell. So I have found other ways to keep the alternative medical community in business. Next up, a massage with CBD oil. A great place according to reviews that covers every form of pain therapy including infrared baking. I am sure I will attempt. Positive. I agree pretty wishy washy and none based in traditional science that my Mayo doctor would sign off on. But no one is replacing my pelvis. Nope. Oh, they can’t. Just gonna re-rotate it as far back as it can go!

The oddness of the last two years brought service to our doors which is a help to anyone who is busy or recovering or both. Life is about living, not spending hours in a grocery store. Many, even my hubs would disagree. However, while food is necessary evil, I am going 2022 since driving makes me cry. Menu please. No. I went the route of emeals thru Walmart and their free delivery. Done and done. A whole week of keto fresh meals ready to be prepared came to my door. No tears plus healthy food is a win. Might keep this in our lives as the time it saved me to do other things today was amazing.

So, while the money train for any injury will always keep on running, as we all want to be back on our feet asap. The comforts of 2022 makes life under the rehab gun a bit easier as I get through my first week with my daily minimum of 3k steps, stretches, stim, heat, and freezing cold to take away the spasms of pain. All of which, would take the amount of time I would spend at Walmart.

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