Picture getting to choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. That is the premise of Outschool. I joined a year ago, the same time I joined Varsity Tutors and created Mrs. Livingston’s World, my educational tutoring mini-company. A year later I am finally creating, writing, and hopefully driving students to my eventual successful educational business. Finally. Yesterday, I created my first Outschool class and actively took Varsity Tutors seriously. So, why now? The fear of boredom within my eventual retirement from the classroom. So, in essence building for my future. I have five or six years. 😅

My classes will revolve around writing. For the next three weeks, join me as I take the basic Jane Schaffer model of writing and make it friendly. I want students, that usually have tears when facing the task of paragraph creation, walk away with skills and no more tears. Below is my link to join a class and $20.00 off your first class!


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