The Love of Great Clothes

As I begin to lose weight, I have options, buy all new clothes. Nope. Or rent, yes rent. Find my new size, style and live my former I. Magnin management life. I enjoy clothes that are well made, have lining, and style that is not in every storefront. Now, I am a teacher and cannot afford five digit outfits, but I can look like a million bucks before I walk into a room of preteens and teens if I rent. Some do it to save the planet, I do it to save a buck or two, while walking into the room wearing quality and feeling confident with no itchy tags. No driving and shopping. Just a monthly bill and choices galore that I go through on my phone when I have a minute. Over the summer there are no working days, it will be handbags, sunglasses, and other accessories. Along with an occasional dress.

Rent the Runway is my go to with rental options. The best part is that if you love it you can buy it! From casual daily wear to gowns, you can rent it all. Plans start from five to fifteen pieces a month. The cost is about $100 to $200 a month. Now stop and think how much you spend on disposable wear. My number was too high and I was buying crap and just rebuying yearly. This is my problem solver and not a paid ad!

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